6 ECTS credits
175 h study time

Offer 1 with catalog number 4016444ENR for all students in the 2nd semester at a (E) Master - advanced level.

2nd semester
Enrollment based on exam contract
Grading method
Grading (scale from 0 to 20)
Can retake in second session
Taught in
Partnership Agreement
Under interuniversity agreement for degree program
Faculty of Engineering
Electronics and Informatics
Educational team
Werner VERHELST (course titular)
Activities and contact hours
36 contact hours Lecture
24 contact hours Seminar, Exercises or Practicals
24 contact hours Independent or External Form of Study
Course Content

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Additional info

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Learning Outcomes

Algemene competenties

General competencies


The final grade is composed based on the following categories:
Other Exam determines 100% of the final mark.

Within the Other Exam category, the following assignments need to be completed:

  • exam with a relative weight of 1 which comprises 100% of the final mark.

Additional info regarding evaluation

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Academic context

This course offer isn't part of a fixed set of graduation requirements. Hence, it is a free elective.