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The Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the KULeuven jointly organize the Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering.
Some courses are only taught at the KULeuven, others only at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Courses organized in the context of the Master in Water Resources Engineering

Upon approval by the Curriculum Board, exchange and guest students can enroll for one or more courses from the list mentioned below.

5ECTS credits - Surface water hydrology
5ECTS credits - Water Resources Management 2: EU and international framework
6ECTS credits - GIS and Data Processing for Water Resources Engineering
4ECTS credits - Water resources management 1: hydro-social systems
6ECTS credits - Freshwater and Marine Ecology
5ECTS credits - Surface water modelling
5ECTS credits - Urban hydrology and hydraulics
5ECTS credits - Soil water modelling
5ECTS credits - River modelling
4ECTS credits - Waste Water Treatment and Resource Recovery
5ECTS credits - Water Productivity and Irrigation Design
5ECTS credits - Groundwater modelling
5ECTS credits - Integrated project: (sub-)tropical climate case study
5ECTS credits - Integrated Project: Temperate Climate Case Study
20ECTS credits - Thesis Research Project Water Resources Engineering
5ECTS credits - Research Methods for Data Collection and Processing
5ECTS credits - Land-Climate Dynamics
4ECTS credits - Water Quality Assessment
5ECTS credits - Hydraulics
5ECTS credits - Stochastic Hydrology
5ECTS credits - Groundwater hydrology
5ECTS credits - Aquatic ecology
5ECTS credits - Advanced mathematics for water engineering

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