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Admission Requirements

Enrolling for this study plan is only possible based on your academic record.

Overview of the study plan

Exchange Master Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management

Exchange Master Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management

Incoming Master students in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management can make a choice among the following courses.

Important notes:
1. Please contact the responsible exchange coordinator, Karolien Van Puyvelde (karolien.van.puyvelde@vub.be), to discuss the selection of courses.
2. Make sure you select courses that are offered during your stay; either semester 1 (fall semester) or semester 2 (spring semester).
3. Check the timetables on www.oceansandlakes.be to avoid overlap of your courses.
4. There is an extra cost of approximately 350 - 400 euro when choosing two field courses (6 ECTS)
5. Some of the practicals have a limited number of students that can participate. Make sure to check this with the responsible exchange coordinator.
6. Several courses are taught at UGhent or Uantwerp, as our Master is an interuniversity programme.

4ECTS credits - Oceanography
3ECTS credits - Integrated Field Course at Sea
6ECTS credits - Paleoclimatology and Climate Change
6ECTS credits - Physiology of Aquatic Organisms
6ECTS credits - Aquatic Microbial Ecology
3ECTS credits - Governance and Policy in Development and Cooperation - Part I
3ECTS credits - Governance and Policy in Development and Cooperation - Part II
3ECTS credits - Introduction to GIS
5ECTS credits - Estuarine and Coastal Systems
3ECTS credits - Data and Information Management
3ECTS credits - Introduction to Marine and Lacustrine Biology
3ECTS credits - Introduction to Data Mining
3ECTS credits - Advanced Applied Statistics
3ECTS credits - Marine Genomics
3ECTS credits - Marine Food Web Ecology
3ECTS credits - Ecology of Coastal Seas
6ECTS credits - Marine Extreme Systems
3ECTS credits - Law and Ethics on Conservation of Aquatic Systems
3ECTS credits - Lacustrine Systems
3ECTS credits - Integrated Coastal Zone Management
3ECTS credits - Conservation Genetics
3ECTS credits - Environmental Impact Assessment
3ECTS credits - Law of the Sea and Protection of Oceans
5ECTS credits - In-situ and Remote Sensing Tools in Aquatic Sciences
6ECTS credits - Advanced Sedimentology
6ECTS credits - Paleobiology of Micro-Organisms
3ECTS credits - Seminars: Case Studies on Biodiversity Management
6ECTS credits - Aquatic Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring
6ECTS credits - Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Global Change
3ECTS credits - Environmental Modelling
3ECTS credits - Integrated Estuarine field Course
3ECTS credits - Water Quality
6ECTS credits - Applied Geomorphology
3ECTS credits - Natural Risk Management
3ECTS credits - Methods of Scientific Diving
6ECTS credits - Analysis of Biological Data
3ECTS credits - Stable Isotope Geochemistry
6ECTS credits - Marine Fisheries Ecology and Management
3ECTS credits - Marine Biodiversity
6ECTS credits - Global Change Physiology
3ECTS credits - Biogeochemistry
6ECTS credits - Integrated Offshore Exploration
5ECTS credits - Freshwater Ecology
5ECTS credits - Limnology
3ECTS credits - Integrated Marine Coastal Ecology Field Course

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