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Exchange BA Computer Science

Exchange BA Computer Science

Incoming Bachelor students in Computer Science can make a choice among the following courses.

Important notes:
1. Please contact the responsible exchange coordinator, Prof. Beat Signer (bsigner@vub.ac.be), before selecting your courses.
2. The choice of courses taught in English at Bachelor level is limited. You are welcome to also follow courses from our English-taught Master programme, given that you fulfill the prerequisites and the selection is approved by the responsible VUB exchange coordinator.
3. Make sure you select courses that are offered during your stay; either semester 1 (fall semester) or semester 2 (spring semester).
4. Check the timetables on the faculty website to avoid overlap of your courses. Make sure to regularly check these timetables as they may be liable to changes: https://my.vub.ac.be/en/timetables-and-exam-schedules

6ECTS credits - Parallelism and Distribution
3ECTS credits - Human Computer Interaction
3ECTS credits - Academic English I
3ECTS credits - Academic English 2
6ECTS credits - Machine Learning
6ECTS credits - Web Technologies
6ECTS credits - Advanced Programming Language Concepts
6ECTS credits - Multimedia Processing Tools
3ECTS credits - Evolution of Software Languages
3ECTS credits - Business Aspects of Software Industry

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