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Exchange Master Bio-engineering

Exchange MA Bio-engineering

Incoming Master students in Bioengineering or Molecular Biology can make a choice among the following courses.

Important notes:
1. Please contact the responsible exchange coordinator, Prof. Wim Vranken (Wim.Vranken@vub.be), to discuss the selection of courses.
2. Courses from both the Master of Science in Bioengineering Sciences (bio-ingenieurswetenschappen) and the Master of Science in Molecular Biology can be selected.
3. Please note that some of the courses listed below are taught at one of our partner universities: KU Leuven, University of Antwerp or Ghent University. This is mentioned in the course description.
4. Make sure you select courses that are offered during your stay; either semester 1 (fall semester) or semester 2 (spring semester).
5. Check the timetables on the faculty website to avoid overlap of your courses. Make sure to regularly check these timetables as they may be liable to changes: https://my.vub.ac.be/en/timetables-and-exam-schedules

3ECTS credits - Mathematics and Statistics
3ECTS credits - Molecular Microbiology
3ECTS credits - Plant Molecular Biology
5ECTS credits - Research rotation I
5ECTS credits - Immunology
3ECTS credits - Research Communication Skills
5ECTS credits - Genetics and Genetic Engineering
8ECTS credits - Research rotation II
3ECTS credits - Molecular Parasitology
3ECTS credits - Vaccine Technology
3ECTS credits - Protein Structure and Function
3ECTS credits - Biochemistry
5ECTS credits - Biodata Mining
6ECTS credits - Embryonic Stem Cells
3ECTS credits - Immuno-imaging and molecular therapy
3ECTS credits - Stem Cell Biology
6ECTS credits - Medicinal Chemistry
3ECTS credits - Molecular Biophysics
3ECTS credits - High Throughput Techniques
3ECTS credits - Advanced Developmental Biology
3ECTS credits - Cellular Immunology
5ECTS credits - Molecular Biology
4ECTS credits - Human Infectious Diseases
4ECTS credits - Human Genetics and Diseases
4ECTS credits - Epidemiology : Study Design and Analysis
5ECTS credits - Plant Disease Biology and Management
4ECTS credits - Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science
3ECTS credits - Plant Genetics
3ECTS credits - Biotechnology Regulation
6ECTS credits - Functional and Experimental Plant Ecology
6ECTS credits - Crop Production
5ECTS credits - Experimental Research Skills
3ECTS credits - Plant Yield
3ECTS credits - Molecular Plant Physiology
3ECTS credits - Micro- and Nanobiotechnology
5ECTS credits - Global Biotechnology Challenges
5ECTS credits - Project Writing and Management
3ECTS credits - Mechanisms, Kinetics and Applications of Enzyme Catalysis
4ECTS credits - Data Processing and Representation in Life Sciences
3ECTS credits - Business Management and Entrepreneurship
5ECTS credits - High Throughput Techniques
3ECTS credits - Business Aspects of Biotechnology
5ECTS credits - Plants, Pathogens and Pests
3ECTS credits - Reaction and Transport
3ECTS credits - Synthesis and Structure of Peptides
4ECTS credits - Density Functional Theory
3ECTS credits - Peptidomimetics
4ECTS credits - Medicinal Chemistry
5ECTS credits - Polymer Chemistry
5ECTS credits - Bioinformatics and Omics
3ECTS credits - Environmental Chemistry
3ECTS credits - Microbial Life in Extreme Conditions
3ECTS credits - Entrepreneurship
3ECTS credits - EUTOPIA Learning Unit - Technological Business Development Project
5ECTS credits - Heterogeneous Catalysis
4ECTS credits - Structural Biology
6ECTS credits - Industrial Bio-organic Chemistry
5ECTS credits - Clean Technology
4ECTS credits - Green Chemistry of Renewable Resources
6ECTS credits - High Throughput Techniques
3ECTS credits - Molecular Pharmacology
4ECTS credits - Polymers: Synthesis and Molecular Characterisation
6ECTS credits - Polymer Materials
6ECTS credits - Molecular Plant Breeding
3ECTS credits - Advanced Thermal Analysis
3ECTS credits - Asymmetric Synthesis
3ECTS credits - Cell Biology and Cell Signaling
3ECTS credits - Analytical Biochemistry

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