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Exchange Bachelor Bio-engineering

Exchange BA Bio-engineering

Incoming Bachelor students in Bioengineering or Molecular Biology can make a choice among the following courses.

Important notes:
1. Please contact the responsible exchange coordinator, Prof. Wim Vranken (Wim.Vranken@vub.be), to discuss the selection of courses.
2. Given the limited number of English-taught courses on Bachelor level, several courses from the Master of Science in Bioengineering Sciences (bio-ingenieurswetenschappen) and the Master of Science in Molecular Biology are also open to Bachelor students. Consult the course list 'Exchange Ma Bio-engineering' and contact Prof. Wim Vranken (Wim.Vranken@vub.be) for more information.
3. Make sure you select courses that are offered during your stay; either semester 1 (fall semester) or semester 2 (spring semester).
4. Check the timetables on the VUB website to avoid overlap of your courses. Make sure to regularly check these timetables as they may be liable to changes: https://my.vub.ac.be/en/timetables-and-exam-schedule

3ECTS credits - Developmental Biology
4ECTS credits - Medical Biotechnology and Parasitology
3ECTS credits - Plant Molecular Genetics and Plant Biotechnology
3ECTS credits - Molecular Structure Function & Design
3ECTS credits - Organic Chemistry: Structural Aspects
4ECTS credits - Chemical Process Technology
3ECTS credits - Biology of Eukaryotic Cells and Systems
3ECTS credits - Organic Chemistry: Methods of Synthesis

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