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Exchange MA Chemistry

Exchange MA Chemistry

Incoming Master students in Chemistry can make a choice among the following courses.

Important notes:
1. Please contact the responsible exchange coordinator, Prof. Yue Gao (yue.gao@vub.be), to discuss the selection of courses.
2. Make sure you select courses that are offered during your stay; either semester 1 (fall semester) or semester 2 (spring semester).
3. Please note that some of the courses below are taught at Ghent University, our alliance partner (50km from Brussels).
4. Check the timetables on the faculty website to avoid overlap of your courses. Make sure to regularly check these timetables as they may be liable to changes: https://my.vub.ac.be/en/timetables-and-exam-schedules.

4ECTS credits - Chemical Process Technology
6ECTS credits - (Bio)Polymers
3ECTS credits - Chemometrics
3ECTS credits - Capita Selecta in Theoretical Chemistry
6ECTS credits - Scientific and Science Communication / Communicating Science
4ECTS credits - Medicinal Chemistry
4ECTS credits - Advanced Electronic Structure Methods
9ECTS credits - Advanced Organic Chemistry
4ECTS credits - Advanced quantum chemistry
3ECTS credits - Asymmetric Synthesis
3ECTS credits - Capita Selecta in Bio-organic Chemistry
6ECTS credits - Chemical Applications of Group Theory
3ECTS credits - Chemical Concepts from Quantum Chemistry
8ECTS credits - Computational Quantum Chemistry
3ECTS credits - Density Functional Theory
9ECTS credits - Molecular Physical Chemistry
3ECTS credits - Molecular Simulations of Biosystems
4ECTS credits - Natural Product Chemistry
4ECTS credits - Chemical Biology
6ECTS credits - Molecular Structure Analysis
3ECTS credits - Chemical Risk Assesment
3ECTS credits - Cosmochemistry
3ECTS credits - Application of Geochemical Methodologies to Bioarchaeology
6ECTS credits - Environmental Analysis
3ECTS credits - Exposure to Contaminants through Food and Environment
3ECTS credits - Field Sampling and Analysis
3ECTS credits - Stable Isotope Geochemistry
3ECTS credits - Multi Scale Modelling
6ECTS credits - Multi Scale Modelling
6ECTS credits - Applications in Analytical and Environmental Sciences
3ECTS credits - Metal Biogeochemical Cycle
3ECTS credits - Biogeochemistry
3ECTS credits - Advanced X-ray Spectroscopy
9ECTS credits - Analytical Methods for Material Characterization
3ECTS credits - Analytische Raman Spectroscopie
4ECTS credits - Foundations of NMR and XRD for Structure Analysis
4ECTS credits - Light and Matter
4ECTS credits - Organic Separation techniques and mass spectrometry
3ECTS credits - Principles & Applications of Stable Isotope Analysis
4ECTS credits - Structure Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction
4ECTS credits - Integrated Theoretical and Organic Chemistry Practical
4ECTS credits - Polymer Materials: from biomedical to sustainable aspects
3ECTS credits - Homogenous catalysis
4ECTS credits - Bioinformatics and next-generation DNA sequence analysis
3ECTS credits - Milieurecht
3ECTS credits - Archeometrie
5ECTS credits - Heterogeneous Catalysis
3ECTS credits - Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces: Theory and Experiment
3ECTS credits - Water Quality

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