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Welcome @ VUB, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy. We are happy to help you with information on our courses and possibilities for exchange students.
Aside from our PhD programme, the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy does not offer English programmes. We do have courses and possibilities for exchange students. These are noted below. You can choose other courses from the Dutch programme, but then you need to prove Dutch knowledge (B2) and get approval from the professor concerned.

Please contact the internationalization coordinator Katrijn D’Herdt (kdherdt@vub.ac.be) for more information.

If you are interested in clinical internships, please note that basic knowledge of French and/or Dutch is necessary to communicate with patients.

LK Exchange Ma Physiotherapy

LK Exchange Ma Physiotherapy

6ECTS credits - Module vasculaire pathologie
16ECTS credits - Klinische stages: deel 2 m.i.v. screening en patroonherkenning
3ECTS credits - Rehabilitation of oncologic disorders
3ECTS credits - Capita selecta: sportkinesitherapie en sportletsels
5ECTS credits - Revalidatietraining
12ECTS credits - Revalidatie en preventie binnen de ouderenzorg
12ECTS credits - Stage geriatrische revalidatiewetenschappen en kinesitherapie
3ECTS credits - Sport en gezondheidszorg miv farmacologie & doping
4ECTS credits - Sportletselpreventie
6ECTS credits - Sportrevalidatie
13ECTS credits - Stage Sportkinesitherapie
3ECTS credits - Module cardiologie
4ECTS credits - Neuroscientific aspects of neurological rehabilitation
3ECTS credits - Advanced musculoskelatal dissection anatomy of spine, pelvis and temporomandibular joint
5ECTS credits - Advanced musculoskeletal dissection anatomy of limbs, trunk and neck

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