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Before adding to the Learning Agreement, please check the prerequisites or conditions of enrollment for each course (or ask the exchange coordinator).

Psychology English Courses

All the courses in the list below are "READING COURSES (RC)": taught in Dutch; course material and examination can be provided IN ENGLISH.

This course is taught IN ENGLISH (= instruction language is English):
- Teams & Leadership

If you are looking for more English taught courses, feel free to check the other programmes of our department: Adult Educational Sciences and Educational Sciences:
- BA Adult Ed Sc: https://caliweb.cumulus.vub.ac.be/?page=plan&id=99997&anchor=0000001298&target=pr&year=2223&language=en&output=html
- MA Adult Ed Sc: https://caliweb.cumulus.vub.ac.be/?page=plan&id=99997&anchor=0000001299&target=pr&year=2223&language=en&output=html
- MA Ed Sc: https://caliweb.cumulus.vub.ac.be/?page=plan&id=99997&anchor=0000001300&target=pr&year=2223&language=en&output=html

The following courses are from other faculties but could be interesting for incoming students. If you would like to register for one of these courses, we first need to check with the concerning faculty:
- Multilingual Education (MA)
- Psycholinguistics (MA)
- Gender, Diversity and Politics (MA)

6ECTS credits - Surveyonderzoek
6ECTS credits - Multilingual Education
6ECTS credits - Psycholinguistics
6ECTS credits - Gender, Diversity and Politics
3ECTS credits - Gevalstudies psychopathologie: kinderen en adolescenten
3ECTS credits - Psychogerontologie
6ECTS credits - Teams and Leadership
3ECTS credits - Gevalstudies onderwijspsychologie
6ECTS credits - Organisaties in de praktijk
4ECTS credits - Psychodynamische therapie
3ECTS credits - Gevalstudies jeugdhulpverlening
6ECTS credits - Psychosociaal welzijn in organisaties

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