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Incoming Bachelor students in study field of social sciences: political science, communication studies, sociology

Course list for Bachelor exchange students in study fields of Social Sciences

Important notes:

• Browsing through the list, you will notice a mix of bachelor level and master level courses. We give you the opportunity and responsibility to select courses from a (higher) different academic level. It is advised to discuss the academic level with your home university exchange coordinator (who signs the learning agreement).
• Check the semester in which the course is organized (click on the course title to find out this information)
• Some courses listed are taught in Dutch. For these courses a personal assignment or an examination in English can be organised. Please contact the professor concerned for further information.
• Check the timetables on the faculty website to avoid overlap of your courses: https://student.vub.be/en/timetables-and-exam-schedules#timetable (consult your timetables "per course") Make sure to regularly check these timetables as they might be liable to small changes to cope with unexpected circumstances.

3ECTS credits - Academic English I
6ECTS credits - Digital Business Models
6ECTS credits - Digitale marketingindustrieën
3ECTS credits - Economics for Business
6ECTS credits - EU Competition Policy
6ECTS credits - EU Media Policy
6ECTS credits - European History
6ECTS credits - European Public Sphere
6ECTS credits - European Social and Population Issues
6ECTS credits - Financial and Managerial Accounting
3ECTS credits - Academic English 2
6ECTS credits - Gender, Diversity and Politics
6ECTS credits - Generalized Linear Techniques
6ECTS credits - Human Resource Management
6ECTS credits - International Relations Theory
3ECTS credits - Introduction to Accounting and Finance
3ECTS credits - Introduction to Informatics and Supply Chain Management
3ECTS credits - Introduction to Management and HRM
6ECTS credits - Key Thinkers in Social Theory
3ECTS credits - Academic English 5
6ECTS credits - Online and Social Media Strategies
6ECTS credits - Political Structures and Processes of the European Union
6ECTS credits - Psychology of Communication
6ECTS credits - Social Change and Inequality in Europe
6ECTS credits - Social Demography
6ECTS credits - Statistics for the Social Sciences
6ECTS credits - Strategic Marketing
6ECTS credits - Challenges to Democracy
6ECTS credits - Supply Chain Management
6ECTS credits - The Political Economy of Journalism in the EU
6ECTS credits - Urban Geography
6ECTS credits - Users and Innovation in Digital Media
6ECTS credits - Critical Issues in Digital Economics
6ECTS credits - Critical Thinking in Communication Studies
6ECTS credits - Critical Thinking in Sociology
6ECTS credits - Sociology of Work and Employment
6ECTS credits - Data, Privacy and Society

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